Tips to Stop Low Back Pain for an Overweight Husband That Is Having an Intercourse

January 30, 2009 by Admin  
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Do not let low back pain ruin your relationship with your spouse or loved one. This is a statement of fact especially if you are a husband that is overweight. Your weight could put lots of strain on the muscles of your back so that low back pains will cause discomforts for you when you are having sexual intercourse.

You need to adopt strategies that would really help you to overcome these pains. The following tips would assist you to overcome low back pains during intercourse if you are an overweight husband. 

You need a firm mattress when you sleep with your partner. Do not opt for soft mattress because more strain would be added to your back muscles and cause back pains for you. Also, your sleeping position should be in a way that will give you comfort. At this level, it is best if you will sleep by your side and bend your knees.

You can equally put a pillow at the back of your head so as to give support to your neck. You are sure to get relief from low back pains if you observe the above techniques. 

As part of the treatment regime you will need to follow, exercising your body in a specific way can help burn off those fats that have accumulated to give strain to your body. Crunches, sit ups, aerobic and strength training exercises can really help to give you a flat stomach so that your back muscles would not be strained. 

Other treatment options you could adopt to get relief from low back pains include taking prescription medications like anti-convulsing drugs, analgesics, painkillers, and other forms of drugs that your doctor will prescribe for you.

Also, you may need physical treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture massage therapy and observing the right lifestyles.