The Best Way To Handle Dull Nausea Back Pain That Causes Discomfort On Both Sides Of Your Pelvic

Pelvic bones in the body could be a source of dull nausea back pain as many people usually complain of these symptoms. There is no doubt about this because structurally the spine of the back is attached to the pelvic bones.

So, if there were any infections, misalignment or distortions on the pelvic, the risk of the spine being affected will be high and back pain will surely occur. 

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms that accompany dull back pains which come on individuals that both sides of their pelvic bone have been misaligned.

The victim usually experiences dull back pains continuously as well as the feeling of nausea. If you are experiencing dull and nausea back pains on both sides of your hips, then you need to find the best way to get the right treatment. 

The best way to handle dull and nausea back pain that causes discomfort for you on both sides of your pelvic is to go for a comprehensive medical check up and diagnoses.

This course of action is very necessary because you are going to be diagnosed with the suitable procedures and the right treatments would be recommended for you through the diagnosis. 

Although you may need to take prescription drugs and carryout some physical therapies to alleviate the pains yet you will achieve better results if your doctor carries out proper diagnoses and gives you the suitable recommended treatments or combination of treatments. This will surely help you to get rid of dull and nausea back pain from both sides of your pelvic.


1 Week after Accident I Suffered Back Pain

May 7, 2009 by Admin  
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If you are now still suffering from back pain after you had an accident, may be one week ago, then you need to go for proper medical diagnoses to find out about the cause of your back pain. Many factors could be responsible for that back pain especially if it began after you have an accident.

For instance, the back pain could be because there was a misalignment of the bones in your back spine. Injury or trauma that you encountered during the accident (whether it is a car crash, a fall or collision etc) may likely cause the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines to misalign.

Thus, you are likely to get weakness, tingling pains and numbness consistently after your spine is affected by the accident. Also, herniated disk can also cause back pains for you. 

If you submit your body to proper medical diagnoses, there are different diagnostic options that could be carried out in your bones to detect if the back pains you are experiencing now is as a result of the accident you had. Different kinds of bone scans can be carried out to detect fractures, infections or disorders that occur in the bones of the spine. 

So, if you are having persistent or recurring back pain after that accident, you had a week ago, go for a complete diagnosis in a doctor’s office so that you will be thoroughly examined. This is necessary so that early treatment will be administered on you to get back your comfort.

So, stop that back pain you started experiencing since you have that accident one week ago. 

Lower Back Pain and the Views of Doctor Sarno

April 5, 2009 by Admin  
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Over the years many researches have been conducted on lower back pain and among these researches there are interesting views about this topic which was provided by Dr. John E. Sarno. He is a physician from the New York Institute of Rehabilitation. 

Dr. Sarno claims that more than 90% of patients that complain of back pains are having it because of tension. It has been revealed that a majority of the X-rays carried out on those individuals do not reveal any structural abnormality in the backbones that would have triggered the persistent pains.

In his conclusion, it is revealed that when the muscles of the back become tensed, there is likely to be a reduction in the amount of blood that flows in these muscles. This can also apply to the shoulders, neck, buttocks and other parts of the body.

If you are aware of the cause of leg muscle fatigue you will know what I mean (it has been confirmed that lactic acid are built in the leg muscles as waste chemicals). 

Dr. John E. Sarno in his view also identified what affects most people as “tension myositis syndrome”. Thus, to cure back pains in these individuals, there is need to provide treatments that would make their muscles to relax. 

To know more about Dr. Sarno and lower back pain, you can consult the website of the New York Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine. 

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