Acupuncture- An Effective Technique to ‘relieve back pain’

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Acupuncture is a very old way of treating patients with pains especially with the lower back pain. There has been much research made on acupuncture in Sydney about how it works and what it does that removes the pain. Different studies on acupuncture have proven that it has been the best way of treating someone who has back pain especially chronic lower back pain. A few studies have proven that it is way better than the new ways of treatment discovered by the western methods.

This treatment is safe and has very few side effects. This treatment is much easier and less painful than many others. For example in case of low back pain, an individual gets treatment in which often skin is punctured or we can say operated to fix the pain but in the case of acupuncture there is no need of such puncture or surgery for fixing the pain. Only a few needles which look like toothpicks are used which can be injected in to some specific points in the body by which sometimes electricity or sometimes traditional burning Chinese herbs are used.

In the USA, the research on this treatment is being carried out on large scale which is funded by the National Institutes of health and few other health and medicine related organizations are also helping and funding in the research.

The research was carried out on the real life cases to find to what extent it can be helpful for the patient to remove the pain. Researchers found the real life cases which had back pain issues which has been facing this pain for more than three months and never were treated with the acupuncture. Those low back pain cases were excluded if the cause of the pain is cancer or some other reason which can have negative effects.

Then the techniques researcher used was that they divide the group of people in four on the basis of the treatments 1) Individualized acupuncture 2) Standardized acupuncture 3) Simulated acupuncture 4) Usual care. First two are only purely acupuncture.

Those patients who received the individualized acupuncture treatment was purely based on traditional Chinese medical technique. This technique was performed by the number of good acupuncturists. Whereas in other pure acupuncture technique that was standardized acupuncture eight needles were injected in low back and leg and were considered to be best for the low back chronic pain. Simulated acupuncture is like the real and pure acupuncture but it is not. The procedure is kind of acupuncture but not pure. In this procedure, needles are to press the skin to imitate the sensation of a needle and relieve the low back pain. The last group received the doctors prescribed treatments which included medications and physical therapies.

The results were quite expected, the patients which were treated with acupuncture showed a lot improvement in their health. Those patients who were treated with doctors prescribed medication and physical therapies were still complaining about the pain. After these result more confusion arose in between the researchers because according to these studies the three different acupuncture treatments used in the groups produced almost same results. So they concluded that no matter how we apply this technique the results are same whether the needles are pierced in to the skin or just tailored.

According to the research this oldest method of pain relief is still the best method of back pain relief but how it works is still an unresolved mystery. Acupuncture is safe and found to be very effective for low back pain. It has been effective not only in treating patients with low back pain but many other problems such as nausea, depression and hypertension.

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Dr Kevin Finnan ( is an Osteopath in Sydney, Australia who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of chronic neck, back and joint pain. Kevin’s gentle but effective hands-on approach has helped hundreds of chronic pain suffers free themselves from pain.

The Best Way To Handle Dull Nausea Back Pain That Causes Discomfort On Both Sides Of Your Pelvic

Pelvic bones in the body could be a source of dull nausea back pain as many people usually complain of these symptoms. There is no doubt about this because structurally the spine of the back is attached to the pelvic bones.

So, if there were any infections, misalignment or distortions on the pelvic, the risk of the spine being affected will be high and back pain will surely occur. 

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms that accompany dull back pains which come on individuals that both sides of their pelvic bone have been misaligned.

The victim usually experiences dull back pains continuously as well as the feeling of nausea. If you are experiencing dull and nausea back pains on both sides of your hips, then you need to find the best way to get the right treatment. 

The best way to handle dull and nausea back pain that causes discomfort for you on both sides of your pelvic is to go for a comprehensive medical check up and diagnoses.

This course of action is very necessary because you are going to be diagnosed with the suitable procedures and the right treatments would be recommended for you through the diagnosis. 

Although you may need to take prescription drugs and carryout some physical therapies to alleviate the pains yet you will achieve better results if your doctor carries out proper diagnoses and gives you the suitable recommended treatments or combination of treatments. This will surely help you to get rid of dull and nausea back pain from both sides of your pelvic.


1 Week after Accident I Suffered Back Pain

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If you are now still suffering from back pain after you had an accident, may be one week ago, then you need to go for proper medical diagnoses to find out about the cause of your back pain. Many factors could be responsible for that back pain especially if it began after you have an accident.

For instance, the back pain could be because there was a misalignment of the bones in your back spine. Injury or trauma that you encountered during the accident (whether it is a car crash, a fall or collision etc) may likely cause the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines to misalign.

Thus, you are likely to get weakness, tingling pains and numbness consistently after your spine is affected by the accident. Also, herniated disk can also cause back pains for you. 

If you submit your body to proper medical diagnoses, there are different diagnostic options that could be carried out in your bones to detect if the back pains you are experiencing now is as a result of the accident you had. Different kinds of bone scans can be carried out to detect fractures, infections or disorders that occur in the bones of the spine. 

So, if you are having persistent or recurring back pain after that accident, you had a week ago, go for a complete diagnosis in a doctor’s office so that you will be thoroughly examined. This is necessary so that early treatment will be administered on you to get back your comfort.

So, stop that back pain you started experiencing since you have that accident one week ago. 

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