Causes Of Back Pain

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If you are suffering from back pain or a person you know is suffering from this medical condition, then you need to start looking for treatment to stop the pains. Nevertheless, There is a cause for back pain and this article will give you an insight into some peculiar causes of back pain these are: 

· Lumbar muscle strain – There are times when the muscles of the back get strained and those will lead to back pains especially at the lower back. This cause of back pain can be treated within a few weeks.

· Ruptured disc – If an inter vertebral disc is ruptured then back pain occurs. This condition is often referred to as back pain caused by herniated disc. The treatment and cure depends on the extent of rupture on the individual.

·  Discogenic back pain – If there is a damage done to the intervertebral disc, then back pain will occur. Thus, it is caused by discogenic back pain. Doctors often use discogram to diagnose this condition.

·  Spinal stenosis – This is the back pain that is caused by aging. The real cause is that there is a constriction in the spinal canal. The aged usually complain of back pain of this nature. 

Other causes of back pain as have been diagnosed in many people are: lumbar spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis and osteoporosis. Your doctor will give you more information on other likely causes of back pain. Nevertheless, you should know that for different individuals different causes of back pain might apply to them.

Chronic Low Back Pain After Herniated Disk

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Do you know that herniated disk can cause back pain for you? Yes, after you might have had an injury and the pains you experience on your back refuse to go then you are possibly having a herniated disc as a result of the injury. The disc of the vertebrae could get swollen or inflamed when you had that accident and this may lead to misalignment of one of the bones causing you to experience sharp pains when you strain or move your body to a certain position. 

The kind of pains one suffers if he or she has a herniated disc is usually a chronic one and the need for prompt treatment is very necessary. It is important to know that when talking of disc herniation as a cause of chronic low back pain, there is no supply of blood in the disc and there should be degeneration of the disc. 

A lot of treatment options could be applied to treat chronic back pain. After diagnosis, chronic back pains could best be treated with surgical options. In this case, the doctor would carryout what is known as spinal traction. This helps to decompress the herniated disc. 

Apart from this procedure, other methods can be combined to give the victim a suitable cure for the condition. The common back pain treatment options are physiotherapy, prescription medications, nutrition, massage therapy and surgery. 

Like I said before, your best bet is to go for proper medical diagnoses for the solving of your chronic back pain you may suffer after having a herniated disc.

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